Make your workflow more efficient. Automate offers a set of actions that should make your life a lot easier. Below are a list of the best ones.

Works best with Runner.


Unlock All Layers Unlock all layers.
Click Through On (Off) Trun on/off the click through.
Select All Child Layers Select all sub-layers.
Select Parent Groups Select parent groups.
Paste and Replace Paste and replace, replace the selected layer with the Sketch layer on the clipboard.
Clear Layer Name Clears the layer name and removes the “copy” after the layer name.
Remove Redundant Groups Remove redundant nested groups.
Remove Hidden Layers Remove hidden layers.
Delete Empty Groups Delete empty group.
Capitalize Capitalize.
Change Baseline offset Change Baseline Offset for selected range of text layer.
Resize to Fit Text Height Resize text layer to fit text field height.
Remove All Slices Clear all slices.
Clear All Exportables Clear all Exportable settings.
Artboard to Group Artboard to group.
Export all Artboards to PNG Export all artboards to PNG to set the zoom ratio.
Set to Original Width / Height Set to original width / height.
Select All Instance of Symbol Select an instance of the symbol.
Rename Instances Reset the instance name to the component (symbol master) full name.
Remove Unused Symbols Remove unused symbols.
Reflection Show the hidden reflection style.
Remove All Unused Styles Delete unused styles in all layers of the current page.
Import Document Assets from Sketch File Import resources (colors, gradients, and patterns) from Sketch files.
Import Text Styles from Sketch File Import text styles from Sketch files.
Import Layer Styles from Sketch File Import a layer style from Sketch file.
Clear Guides Clear all guides.
Grid Presets Common Grid Presets, like 8x8, 10x10 etc.
Hide All Grid/Layout Hide all grid or layout.
Copy Grid/Layout/Guide Copy the grid/layout/guide from seleted artboard.
Paste Grid/Layout/Guide Apply the grid/layout/guide for seleted artboards, you must run Copy Grid/Layout/Guide first.
Copy Selected Layer Name Copy the selected layer name to the clipboard.
Show File in Finder Open the current document in the Finder.
Edit Plugin Setting Set up external plugin editor, default editor Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code and WebStorm.
Reload Plugins Reload all plugins.
SVG Export Setting SVG export settings.
Nudge Distance Setting Setting to move layers with the arrow keys (also supported in latest version of Sketch)
Convert Sketch File to Other Version Go to Sketch File for any later version of 43, you can open a high version file or go to a lower version.